When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we all must have heard of Backlinks. These backlinks play a crucial role in the success of every ranking in SERP. However, there are only a few ways to make quality backlinks. One such way is to use Social Bookmarking in SEO. The Social Bookmarking in SEO benefits you in multiple ways along with bringing the traffic for your website. Thus, if you are working for search engine optimization, you must learn about Social Bookmarking in SEO. In this article, we will learn all about How to do social media bookmarking? We will also learn about the list of tips for Social Bookmarking in SEO and top social bookmarking sites.

What is a Backlink? Why is it important?

Backlinks are simply the links that are present on someone else’s site. For example, a link of your website on another website, say wikipedia is a backlink. 

The quality backlinks mean the links that are present on the quality and well-reputed websites. 

Hence, Google or any other search engine generally ranks only those sites which have quality backlinks and provide the most accurate answers to the user’s query. 

The backlinks play a crucial role in SERP Rankings and therefore you need to have more number of backlinks than your competitor to rank higher. 

One such technique to make quality backlinks is Social Media Bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO? How does it work?

Social Bookmarking in SEO is simply sharing the links of your website on third-party platforms. 

Suppose, you are sharing an interesting and informative blog post on Facebook, it is also a Social Bookmarking. 

Furthermore, as the name suggests social bookmarking in SEO is done online on Social Media Sites. 

The Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit allows users to have backlinks and attract the traffic simultaneously.

Important Note: The backlinks are generally No-Follow. However, these can act as an important method to increase the number of backlinks as well as attract traffic. Also, the no-follow links while social bookmarking can attract Do-Follow Opportunities.

Thus, you can see there are numerous benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO. 

What are the benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO?

  • Social Bookmarking helps in quick indexing of your webpages.
  • Social Bookmarking builds branding of your products and services.
  • It makes it easy for crawlers and people to find your website.
  • People might share your content on other social bookmarking sites. As a result, you will get a significant amount of backlinks automatically.

How does Social Bookmarking Work? How to do social media bookmarking?

You can do Social Bookmarking in simple steps as follows:

  • Go to the social bookmarking website where you want to create the link.
  • Sign up and create an account.
  • Add a link to your website in the profile section if applicable.
  • You can then add all the links of your websites in the posts and share it to the public.
  • Also, use the tags for the post or use keywords for your URL.

Essential things to keep in mind while doing Social Bookmarking in SEO

  • Don’t spam your links in someone’s group.
  • Don’t debate or troll other users.
  • Improve the accessibility of your website for user devices. For example, if you are sharing a link to a mobile-friendly website, make sure to use only that link which is mobile-friendly too.
  • Do focus on relevant audiences only.
  • Also, try to build a community and share valuable content.

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