What is Guest Posting? How to do a Guest Post?  What is a guest post? These are some of the most asked questions when people start SEO for their business. Furthermore, Bloggers are always interested to learn more about Guest Posting as there is a lot of hype about it. If you have similar questions, you will get the answers in simple language here. In this article, we will understand what is guest posting and how is it used for SEO?

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is a simple process of writing blogs or articles on another party’s website. Yes, it is that simple and the general motive behind guest posting is:

  • Attract Traffic to your own website
  • Generate Content of different style through allowing Guest Posting on your own site
  • Boost the Domain Authority and get Backlinks from high domain authority websites
  • Collaborate with Competitors to build a health relationship
  • Build More Brand Awareness in the Market

What is a Guest Post?

As the name suggests, Guest Post means when you write a post as a guest on someone else’s website. 

In simple words, a Guest Post is a post written by an author who is not the owner of the website or doesn’t work as a writer for that specific website. 

Thus, The guest post is similar to other blog posts but the only difference is that someone else is the author. 

Benefits and Importance of Guest Posting

The Guest Posting in SEO is important and beneficial because of multiple reasons including:

  • It helps in building a network of audience.
  • You can increase the Domain Authority of the website through getting the right link juice.
  • Introducing yourself to new audience
  • Build a Brand Image in the Market
  • Learn about other websites
  • Collaborate with SEO Experts

Tips for Guest Blogging

1. Optimize Your Content so that others can use it

Guest Blogging is mostly about sharing the relevant content on others sites so that readers get attracted to your content too. However, most people fail to realize that guest blogging is only effective if it has been optimized. Optimized Blogging will naturally attract more visitors. 

Therefore, you should know about Content Optimization for SEO. Some of the tips for content optimization when you do Guest Blogging are:

  • Write Crisp and Short Sentences
  • Use Proper Formatting
  • Make URLs short
  • Don’t use Spammy Content
  • Use infographics and highlight or bold the important parts of your content

2. Build Connection with the Site Owner or Author

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is not only about the links. 

Rather, it’s more about building connections that both parties can benefit in the long run. 

Therefore, it’s a rare chance that others will accept guest posting only through comments or a cold email. 

Most people feel their website is their most valuable asset in the business. As a result, they allow only a few people who are close connections. 

So, if you want to guest post on a specific valuable site, you must focus on building a relationship with the owner or the author. 

It is also common that there are several people or even your competitors targeting the same person for guest post approval. Hence, why should they even bother about you if you are not close to them?

Lastly, the most important tip to build connection with the site owner or the author is to naturally be interested in their work. 

3. Optimize Author’s Bio

Many Websites allow the guest bloggers to create an author’s bio. Moreover, there is no restriction on the number of links that you can use here. 

So, rather than only putting links of the target web page, you should utilize this opportunity to attract more audience towards your social media handles, other websites and make a well-reputed brand of yourself.

How to do a Guest Post?

Guest Post is an important process for both the parties i.e. the one who is posting on another’s website and the website too which is publishing the post. A bad guest post can harm both the parties and therefore there are some best practices to follow when you go for guest blogging. The best tips for a Guest post are as follows:

  • Determine the motive behind the Guest Posting. Decide that you want to build backlinks or only attract the audience.
  • Now decide the guest posting sites, after you have decided the goal of your Guest Post.
  • To find the best guest posting sites, you can google:
    •  ‘Write for Us’
    • ‘Submit a Guest Post’
    • ‘Accepting Guest Posts’
  • Choose the guest blogging or posting websites relevant to your industry. You can also find the other websites where your competitors post their guest posts. All you have to do is google ‘ Guest Post by Name’.
  • Write a Unique Content. You can even hire professional writers to write a guest post as it increases the chances of your post approval.
  • Don’t submit guest posts only for links. You should also try to communicate with the website’s visitors in comments. 
  • Share your guest posts on social media and you can also use Social Media Optimization Techniques so that your guest posts on social media attract a large amount of audience easily. 


Now, you know the answer to what is guest posting. It is an effective technique or process to get your desired results in SEO.

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