Initially, Google Pigeon Update was launched in 2013, as the main purpose of this algorithm is to increase the focus on local results. After a major update, on 24 July 2014 algorithm came up as a core update. Moreover, the release of this update is one of the greatest shakeups of Google’s local organic result.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about Google Pigeon Update.

What Is Google Pigeon Algorithm?

Google Pigeon Algorithm has released on 24 July 2014. The algorithm bridges the gap between google’s local search algorithm with a web algorithm, which results in improving ranking parameters. These new ties of web algorithms further increased the demand for local businesses to have a strong organic presence. 

Moreover, at the same time, the google pigeon algorithm was slated as bringing improvement to google’s ability to calculate a local business’s distance and location. In many cases, we can say that the search radius had been narrowed. Selecting businesses that we close to customers’ physical location. 

How Google Pigeon Works?

The working of the Google Pigeon Algorithm plays an eminent role in improving the business reach. When a query is submitted to Google, the collective information of a business is routed to a data coop. So according to the relevant result, the pigeon algorithm assigns the page according to the relevant query. Let’s understand with the help of an example. When you order a pizza with the query “pizza near me”. A user would receive local results narrowed to that neighborhood instead of showing city-wide results, which helps in increasing business reach.

In Short, , now google awards top rankings to the local directories or sites  as compared to other websites.

Impact of Google Pigeon Update

Like every other Google Update, the pigeon update also had serious impacts on SEO. The primary impacts are as follows:

Close Tie-Up with traditional search ranking signals

Penguin’s search algorithm incorporates more traditional search ranking factors. In other words, your site has to be as authoritative and have high SEO E-A-T to rank.   

Business needs to have Listings 

Apart from blogs or your own website, your business should also have a presence on other websites to get good local rankings. That means your business should have listing on sites like just dial, trip advisor etc. 

How to benefit from Google Pigeon Update

Local SEO can greatly benefit from Google Pigeon Update. Therefore, you must do and keep in mind the following points to benefit from Google Pigeon Update.

Utilise Traditional SEO

Similar to the old days, you should build links, put out a good amount of content and give quality information to the user. Furthermore, try to utilise all the keywords of your target audience and invest in quality link building. 

Concentrate on Local Content

You have to now create more local content be it blogs, images, infographics etc. if you want to rank. You need to try and grasp as much as authority on your local searches.

Build a presence on Local Directories

Local Directories such as Just Dial or Make my Trip etc. also help google crawlers understand about your business. Moreover, these websites also provide legitimacy and authority to your website. As a result, you should list your website on local directories and also gain the traffic from these sites as well.

Register for Google My Business

Google My Business is amongst the best tool to manage a business profile on google. It’s also used for SEO. You must have a Google My Business Page for your website and other information as it will help in quicker indexing and higher ranking across all the platforms of google such as Maps, News, Images etc. 

What is Google Penguin Algorithm | How does Penguin Works?


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