What Is The Google Penguin Algorithm Update?

Google penguin algorithm is primarily a core update which after complete research and changes came into effect in 2016. The Prime focus of penguin algorithm are those websites using black-hat tactics, or using spammy and paid links to generate artificial traffic. 

One of the example of spammy link can be cloaking. Cloaking is a black-hat techniques, used to mislead the user, by showing two different content to google bot and users. 

Why Google Penguin Algorithm Needed?

Content remains a backbone for any website. So, there are websites listed on n search engine result page, that google encounter them as low quality. To overcome this low quality google panda algorithm does a great job!

But here it is noticed that there was still a lot of spam which need to be focused, and penguin was designed to tackle this issue. Google Penguin algorithm update holds a responsibility of reducing a number of black hat spamming techniques.

All the above, the importance lies in the fact, Penguin worked toward ensuring that natural, authoritative and relevant links rewarded. On the other hand, websites with manipulative and spammy links were downgraded.

How Google Penguin Algorithm works?

Before proceeding further we need to understand that penguin algorithm is a tool and not a penalty. So google encounters your website consist of spammy links. It simply downgraded your websites ranking in search engine result page. 

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