On February 23, 2011 Google Panda Algorithm was launched as a filter algorithm. It worked to filtered out websites with low or thin quality content. In 2016, after major quality control checks and updates, it came up as a core ranking algorithm. Considered a ranking factor for shallow quality content websites. As content remains a backbone for a website. To this, the panda algorithm comes into role. It majorly affects those websites’ ranking having poor quality or plagiarized content. 

Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about what is Google Panda, and How Panda Works.

What is Google Panda Algorithm or Panda update?

Google Panda algorithm is a core ranking algorithm that deals with websites having shallow content. The main purpose of Panda algorithm is to reward a high-quality website. On the other hand, it decreases the visibility or lowers the ranking of duplicate content websites on Google’s organic search engine result page.

How Panda Algorithm Works?

Before knowing how panda works, we need to understand, after the process of crawling google bots stores website information depending on their categories into their database. 

Now, panda algorithms are responsible to rank websites on SERP, according to their quality of content. All the above, when a user hits a query, these algorithm decides which website is best suitable that satisfies the user’s query.

Why there is a need for a Google Panda Algorithm?

Google Panda Algorithm plays an eminent role in categorizing those websites as spam, using poor or low-quality UGC content. Google’s algorithm negatively affects those websites having duplicate content. 

Panda Update Targeted websites

Panda algorithms are most likely to affect those websites such as – low-quality websites, lack of authority and trustworthy sites, duplicate content, high ads to content ratio. If panda attacked your website, then you need to follow the steps to overcome it.

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