Research shows that around 16% of the audience reads the blog posts till the last full stop. The rest 84% just scroll through for the key points. None of us would prefer spending hours researching topics, gathering relevant information, writing, editing, and proofreading articles when there’s rarely anyone investing their time to read them.
Businesses benefit from blogs because they help in generating leads, build brand recognition, aid in SEO, and attract website traffic.
Here are 7 ways to make your blog content more engaging and worth going through.

Adding relevant videos

Because of constantly advancing technology, visual assets are also becoming more creative. Images that used to be at the top of your blog can now be replaced with embedded dynamic animation or video. However, make sure it is not used unnecessarily. At times, if a reader is about to leave the page, a topic-related video can make them stay. Supporting videos help in breaking long passages and conveying your point in a more interactive manner.

Embedding slideshows

Building credibility with your audience can be aided by including supporting data, visuals, or other information in your presentation. With presentations, one can easily add extra facts without making the blog lengthy. To present data aesthetically, you can add statistical data or make slides entirely out of images.

Adding re-postable quotes

you can make your blog content more shareable and viral by allowing tweetable quotes in your system for content management. Use quotes from a well-known author or a poignant quotation from a reliable source for your article. Tweetable quotes increase the reach of social media shares.

Keep a welcoming and friendly ton

Unless you’re writing for a scientific journal or any website that demands complete formal tone, try to address your readers as though you’re talking to a friend. Try connecting emotionally with your readers.
It should go without saying that obscure terminology will not be acceptable. Be frank, welcoming, and instructive. However, make sure you back up your assertions with references to the sources when you make a factual claim.

Attach interactive features

With technological advancements, adding specialised tools has become easily accessible. You can customise your blog with these features that will keep your readers engaged in the content.
You can have fun and educational quizzes which the viewers won’t be able to stop themselves from sharing. Try adding questions that have humorous and unexpected answers.
If presenting a story, to make it more engaging, you can use colourful and aesthetic illustrations. If the first glance on the screen attracts the viewers, they will consider going through it.

Have variety in your content

Despite the fact that you might already have finalised the topics you’ll cover, you may reconsider diversifying your content pattern. You can experiment by presenting a variety of topics on your blog to see which ones engage your audience the most. The most interactive types of blog posts are:

  • How-to guides
  • Infographics
  • Cheat sheets/checklists
  • Personal essays
  • Interviews
  • News articles

Try mixing up your editorial schedule with innovative post types so that you can please your current readers and attract new ones. Additionally, every type of content can provide you with useful statistics.

Highlight Calls To Action

It is generally copywriting that you may use in your article to persuade readers to do things like:

  • Joining your email list
  • Downloading your eBook
  • Sharing your post
  • Leaving comments on your post
  • Participating in a campaign or challeng
  • Using your affiliate link to make a purchases

As a content writer, feel free to include widgets, social sharing buttons, and other features that you want the readers to pay attention to. A content becomes engaging only when the readers are able to interact with it in any manner.


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