The ascendancy of the digital world has created a revolution. It has not only boomed tech companies but also helped non-digital native companies. Branding is more important than ever and everything is come down to speed. The website speed can create impact on conversion rates, user experience, and SEO directly. It is not a matter of question whether you have a good-looking or complex site, it must smoothly load. Using speed optimization Plugins is a smart step that you would be taking for your business.

Before we delve further into the speed optimization plugins let us first understand some terminologies.


  1. Website speed
  2. Page speed
  3. Page load time

Often people mistake website speed for page speed or vice-versa. Most people believe they are the same!! Well, it’s not true.

1. What is website speed?

A website speed means how swiftly your site loads for internet users. It is calculated on an average speed of multiple pages to load.

You can improve the overall website’s performance (10x better) with WordPress speed plugins. 

Page speed or Page load time denotes how much time elements like images and texts take for loading. This is only a single page that takes time to load fully. 

Nowadays, visitors leave a website with even the slightest delay. Researchers claim that users leave a site that takes over 400 milliseconds. Well this is sad news for online businesses, right?

Facing this? Don’t be wary, you can work on it!!

There are efficient WordPress SEO team in the market. They hold the expertise and knowledge to create the best outcome. They know how to optimize a website and will bring excellent results. You can hire them!!

2. What is page speed?

It is the time taken by the page on a website to load. It is estimated in a few variant ways. 

With the use of WordPress speed plugins, you can improve page ranking on the search engine. A great resource for a mobile-friendly website. 

Here is the breakdown of various elements that are calculated for the page speed measurement. 

  • FCP-First contentful paint

This is referred to as the time taken by the first element of the content to load on a site. It can be text, SVG, or an image such as a background image.

  • TTI- Time to Interactive

It checks the time length that a page takes to load the interactive elements. This is one of the best ways to check whether Javascript is creating problems for your website.

  • TTFB- Time-To First Byte

The time taken (length) to load the very 1st byte of detail on a page. You can easily find the loading time of the server here. 

3. What is Page Load time?

The page load time is the time taken to completely load a page and its elements. 


It is the purest factor of SEO because it addresses the following:-

  1. Loading time
  2. Improvisation of ranking
  3. Conversion rate
  4. User experience 


1. Website speed and SEO

From the SEO perspective, site and page speed has an important role in how search engines rate your website. 

The reason is quite well-known. Google does not display the results that put users off with slow loading. It will only present appropriate, excellent, and relevant websites. 

2. Website speed and User Experience

User experience must never be overlooked. Crawlers of search engines consider it an important factor. User experience & website speed are the key indicators of their ranking algorithm.

For instance, if your business website takes more than 3 seconds you will miss your potential users. These audiences do not bother to leave your website.

Everything Fails if the user experience is not great. However, search engines will not promote your business website because of high bounce rates and slow speed. 

3. Website speed and CRO

The major benefit of website speed is conversion rate optimization. CRO is boosted massively when you improve the speed of your website. 

Now, a question that might be crossing your mind:- “How can you analyze a good page speed?”

Most people claim- 2 seconds or less than it!!

Honestly, it is difficult to answer. It relies upon how you measure your page speed and the page type you have. 

The users do not hold much patience to wait for the complete loading of your website. In some scenarios, it is FCP and TTI that are really important. 

The next thing that you must consider on the journey to speed loading is fast WordPress hosting.

Not wasting any time further let’s find learn about the top-speed optimization plugins:-


If you have nailed the hosting, you can consider using the WordPress speed optimization plugin. You have ample WordPress speed optimization plugins. It can help you to optimize your website from the front end. 

Now, when we are indicating WordPress speed optimization plugins, many would claim some of the plugins as caching plugins. Yes, they are. The cache is an important aspect to speed up a website. 

1. WP-Rocket

This is considered one of the popular WordPress speed optimization plugins. With WP-Rocket, you can use ample tactics for performance optimization and page caching. 

The moment you activate this plugin you can use a number of techniques for performance optimization. They are:-

  • Gzip compression
  • Browser caching
  • Page caching

You can even install other techniques for optimization. They include:-

  • Lazy loading
  • Integration of Cloudflare
  • Database optimization
  • Heartbeat API control
  • Combine files
  • Minification
  • Integration of CDN
  • Elimination of render-blocking JavaScript

It can help to simplify the process and do a great job. You have to invest $49 for the premium package of WP Rocket. 

2. W3 Total Cache

WP Total Cache is an adept plugin are available at A beginner must stay away from this plugin. This is not meant for casual users or beginners. 

Many things can be accessed via this plugin. They are:-

  • Fragment caching
  • Object caching
  • Database caching
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching

This magnificent plugin can help you with the minification of your file. You can also easily get connected with the CDN of your choice.

3. Autoptimize

Autoptimze will assist you in optimizing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It can help you with:-

  • Concatenation 

This will cut down the request numbers on your business website. It will combine separate files into one file.

  • Minification

It will shrink the size of your website’s code.  Don’t worry!! it will not change its functionality. It will only remove unnecessary characters like whitespaces and line breaks. 

Apart from this, Autoptimze can assist you in the following:-

  • Async JavaScript
  • Defer the loading of specific scripts
  • Remove things like emojis
  • Lazy load images

4. ShortPixel

The file size of images is accounted for about 50% on average. This is the rough percentage for an average business website.

If you cut down the size of the image files of your website, you can marvel at a big chunk. 

This is one of the favorite speed optimization plugins of developers because it optimizes the image. With it, you can

  • Compress the images. It will use lossless or lossy compression algorithms.
  • Resize the image to maximum dimension as per your requirement.

Shortpixel also has other tactics for image optimization. They are:-

  • PNG to JPG conversion
  • WebP conversion for browsers

You can also take the slightest and different approach using ShortPixel. It provides a different plugin for images termed as ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin. With this, you can optimize your image.

It is in fact a new tactic for real-time image optimization.

5. Perfmatters

Perfmaster is the best solution to optimize small parts of your business website. You can pair it up with caching plugin.

You can disable plenty of small settings that you do not require using Perfmatters. For instance, you can optimize Dashions, emoji fonts, etc. It can also help you to remove unnecessary HTTP requests collectively. 

It comes with a robust script manager tool. Perfmatters can also help you to connect to CDN. Some of the essential performance tweaks that you get with Perfmatters are:-

  • Lazy loading images
  • DNS prefetching
  • Preconnect
  • Disable Heartbeat API
  • Host analytics locally

6. WP Fastest Cache

This optimization plugin is the perfect solution with a 4.9-star rating. WP Fastest caches have over 3000 reviews and are rated as the best caching plugin at

You can quickly get started with WP Fastest Cache. In its free version, you get support for the following:-

  • A scalable tool that can assist you to integrate with CDNs
  • Disable WordPress emojis
  • Basic minification for CSS and HTML
  • Bowser caching

If you are one of those who are looking for optimization features then please go for their premium versions. 

7. WP-Optimize

With WP-Optimize, you can:-

  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Compress images
  • Implement page caching

This speed optimization plugin can help you to optimize your database. With its premium version, you can:-

  • Remove unused or orphaned images
  • Optimize individual tables of the database
  • Lazy load images
  • Schedule database cleanups

8. Smush

A superlative speed optimization plugin that is based upon Yahoo Smush. You can use Smush to remove bytes that are unnecessary from the image file. 

Most tool that is available in the market use a “lossy” format. This is in degraded quality. On the other hand, Smush employs lossless formats. Hence, you can have super-quality optimized images on your business website. Some features of Smush are:-

  • Strips metadata
  • Takes off unused colors from any images 

9. Cache Enabler

KeyCDN team introduced Cache enabler. This tool comes with the option for setting up cache expiry time. You can even set up the minification option using this plugin.

Some features of Cache Enabler are:-

  • Minification feature
  • 1-tap to clear cache
  • Set the behavior of the cache
  • Simple setup
  • Set the times of expiration

10. Nitropack

It is an all-inclusive speed optimization plugin that can help your WordPress website boom. This speed optimization plugin comes with an advanced caching system. This will enable cache warm-up and cache invalidation. These caches can smoothly handle higher traffic loads.

It can regulate your WordPress system automatically as soon as you install and configure NitroPack. You get the following features with Nitropack:-

  • All types of code minification and compression
  • Advanced cache management
  • CDN Support
  • Image Optimization
  • eCommerce website compatibility
  • DNS-prefetch


If you have already searched for the best speed optimization plugins, you might have come across thousands of plugins. The main question: Which is the best one for my business? 

Before making any decision, have a detailed review of the plugin. Free speed optimization plugins do not come with any warranties. Hence, you will get limited support.

The authors of the plugins are not getting any financial incentives. Hence, you will get limited support. Everything comes with a price. In order to get premium solutions like instant support, you need to purchase a premium package. 

When choosing the speed optimization plugin make sure to check:-

  • Whether you will get support for the plugin
  • Reviews of the users
  • When was the plugin last updated
  • The number of active installs


There are two ways to do this

#1 Way 

  1. Browse for “Plugins” and tap “Add New”. Search for the speed optimization plugin that you want to install.
  2. Download it.
  3. Hit “Install”. Once done, activate the speed optimization plugin.

#2 Way 

You can also download the speed optimization plugin in a zip file. For this, 

  1. Visit Plugin. Go for “Add new page”.
  2. Press the button “Upload Plugin”. 
  3. You will see a page to upload this plugin-zip file.
  4. Pick “Files”. On your computer, find the zip file.
  5. Hit the button “Install”.
  6. On your website, WordPress will be uploading the plugin file.
  7. Make sure to extract it before installation.
  8. Once done, you will get the link. 
  9. Make sure to activate the speed optimization plugin. You are done!

It is essential to do testing once you are done with the necessary optimization. You can employ a website speed test tool to check the load times. Make sure to analyze it across all browsers and devices. It will help you to evaluate the optimization efforts.

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