Imagine 10 years ago, how large the market for mobile development would have been. How many technologies would be available on the market? Or that BlackBerry will not be another popular platform to develop apps? How many mobile app development frameworks will appear and grab all the attention? React Native framework is one of the most notable examples of this evolution and its impact on the mobile development industry.

React Native, a fast and efficient framework that can be used to build mobile apps that work on iOS and Android, is very useful. It is cost-effective to choose React Native and find a reputable React Native app development company. However, RN is always evolving and being improved so it is important to learn how to use it properly. We will explain the top React Native trends for 2022 to help you understand.

The Top 6 React Native Development Trends for 2022

A Statista report estimates that the revenue from mobile apps will reach $581.9 billion by 2022. Experts predict that mobile app revenues will exceed $1 trillion annually by 2023. Mobile application development is a lucrative industry that also adopts cutting-edge technology trends.

Let’s talk about these trends and look at the future of iOS and Android software.

1. 5G network

The most important factor that influences Android and iOS development is the quality of your internet connection. 70% of wireless providers are expected to switch to the new generation in 2023. The future of mobile development is awaiting it, as 5G communication offers a significant increase in speed. This makes it possible to download 8K videos and other large media files quickly.

These are just a few of the many benefits that 5G adoption can bring to mobile app development. Programmers can use highly interactive technologies thanks to low latency networks like 5G. AR & VR modules and 3D modeling are the most prominent examples of these heavy technologies. These are all very promising areas in the high-tech industry. This is the future of mobile software and it will revolutionize user experience.

2. Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

AI technology allows the software to collect and analyze data, and then generate and execute algorithms based on that information. Artificial intelligence programs can anticipate potential problems that might arise when a goal is achieved.

  • AI can make life easier in many ways, including:
  • Predicting and analyzing customer behavior
  • SEO – Increasing
  • Upgrading data privacy
  • Autotranslation accuracy can be improved
  • Chatbots can be used to increase customer engagement

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality, or simply AR, allows computer simulations of the real world to interact with it. This involves overlaying imagery or data in your environment using your phone. However, it will soon be available on other devices such as a car windshield or a pair of glasses. Virtual Reality, or simply VR, is a simulation of an environment created by a computer. Virtual Reality (or simply — VR) completely obscures the world around it. The customer is completely immersed in VR and all the stimuli that it offers.

AR/VR technology can make your product stand out and be very profitable for your company.

4. Instant apps

Google is a tech pioneer and introduced instant apps as the fastest way to use Android apps. This technology allows users to experience the app immediately, without waiting for it to be downloaded. These apps have all the native functionality available to their users. Instant apps can be opened immediately after installation, with no data usage.

What are the benefits of instant apps?

Engaging users at high rates. Users are enjoying the app as soon as they press the button. Stronger engagement means more installations and more monetization.

Conversions were boosted. We, an online agency for travel, saw their conversions rise by 27% using Google’s Instant App functionality.

Increased user retention and acquisition. InnoGames increased user interaction by 16%, allowing the company to easily get many new users.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

According to Business Insider, 8 billion IoT devices were in use in 2019. By 2027, however, the number will rise to 41 billion. These numbers will be far greater than the number of smartphones currently owned.

Modern technology allows us to connect to the Internet from a variety of devices. It is now possible to connect the hardware, from lamps to blood pressure monitors, to a smart home system. The interaction of IoT with this system opens up more opportunities for monitoring and accessing different aspects of our lives.

Smart home appliances, retail, and health care are the main areas in that IoT adoption are expected to be successful. The list of fields that IoT will help is endless. It all depends on your imagination.

6. Blockchain

This new technology has revolutionized the world and is poised to transform mobile software. If you want to improve security and quality control, blockchain is the best choice. This is why payment apps have turned to blockchain to facilitate faster transactions and greater security.

The integration of blockchain technology with IoT industries that need to address security issues is another great opportunity. IoT is the perfect match for blockchain technology that will allow secure data exchange.


There are many opportunities for mobile app development in 2022. It’s crucial to keep track of the latest technologies in mobile development this year. These include AI & Chatbots and AR & VR. 5G, Instant apps, IoT and Blockchain. These are the new trends that will have a major impact on the field of mobile technology.

It is important to choose the right technologies for your app. You don’t have to use all the latest trends, but moderation is key in this complex and difficult business.

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