Recently, Microsoft Bing published a new WordPress Index now plugin that makes it easy to integrate your WordPress blog and site with the Index now plugin protocol. Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about the Microsoft releases index.

What is Microsoft Bing latest Update?

Microsoft released the index now plugin as their latest update. The plugin enables automated submission of your website’s newly published URLs from a WordPress site to multiple search engines. It eliminates the process of registering and verifying your site. 

What is Microsoft Releases Index Now plugin?

Index now plugin is a ping protocol, that informs search engine know that a URL and its content has been updated. In simple words, this method instantly informs search engines about the latest content update.

How Plugin works Earlier?

Earlier there is a need to create an API key supported by the protocol, then host and rename the text file with the value of the key at the root. Once the plugin is installed, it automatically generates an API key on your site. Moreover, with the help of API, search engines will automatically have the latest updates about your site, Microsoft wrote. 

So, instead of being so techy, Microsoft releases the index now plugin. Let’s see more about it.

How to Install WordPress Plugin?

To set up the IndexNow WordPress plugin, follow the steps –

  • Log in to WordPress admin panel in your WordPress site. Select plugin > Click new plugin.
  • Go for “IndexNow Plugin”, then proceed to setup.
  • Activate, the plugin. 
  • Go to IndexNow admin web page and click on ‘Let’s Get Started!’.

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