As we know Facebook has changed its name to meta. From 19 Jan 2022, meta will remove certain targeting options relating to a sensitive topic. It may be “health causes”, “sexual orientation”, “religious practices”, political beliefs, social issues, and figures. 

Let’s dive into the topic to know more about Meta targeting options.

What are Meta targeting options?

Meta advertisers made their declaration that they do not rely on any type of targeted options that may relate to sensitive topics that we just discussed above.

Why there is a need for sensitive Meta targeting options?

Meta made an announcement that they will be removing some detailed options. The main reason behind this approach is that they relate to topics, people, my feelings as sensitive.

Such kind of targeting options may relate to causes, any kind of organization, or any public figure, which has a relation to health, race, political affiliation, religion. 

What are the targeting options that meta is planning to remove?

As we have discussed the targeting options earlier, here we will list the options that Facebook advertisers planning to remove. 

  • First is health causes (e.g., “creating Lung cancers awareness”, “World Diabetes Day”, “Chemotherapy”).
  • The second is sexual orientation (e.g., “male to male, and female to female marriages” or “LGBT culture”). 
  • Third is religious practices or groups (e.g., “Catholic Church” and “Jewish holidays”). 
  • Fourth is avoiding hurting political beliefs, social issues, causes, organizations, or any public figure.

Removing Redundant Targeting Options?

Meta will also remove redundant targeting options. The company will also remove targeting options that haven’t been widely adopted, citing that they may be redundant with other options or be too granular, although it did not specify which options. Meta has done this before in previous updates as well.

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