London (A.P.) -The Russian conflicts in Ukraine have prevented grain from going to this “breadbasket of the world.” This means food prices are rising worldwide and could threaten to increase hunger, shortages, and political turmoil in developing countries. The prices of food in the world were already rising, and the conflict only made matters worse by preventing around 20 million tonnes of Ukrainian grain from reaching regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, and some parts of Asia. The weeks of talks on safe routes for grain from Ukrainian Black Sea ports have made very little progress, and the urgency is growing as the summer harvest season begins.

Wall Street closes worst week since 2020 and gains a little

NEW YORK (A.P.) NEW YORK (A.P.)The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Wall Street closed out its most savage week since the coronavirus outbreak with a lazy day of trading on Friday, which ended a little higher. The S&P 500 gained 0.2 percent. It was not enough to cover considerable losses in the past, and the index sank to its tenth consecutive drop over the past 11 weeks. The global markets are shaking as investors adapt to the bitter sting of rising interest rates central banks are increasing handing out. A rise in rates can lower inflation, but it could also trigger a recession by slowing the economy and growing investment prices.

T-shirts? Ice cream? Retailers make money on Juneteenth.

New YORK (A.P.) –Retailers and marketers quickly celebrated the day with various goods ranging from ice creams to T-shirts to party supplies. However, many are facing backlash on social media over criticisms that they are undermining the day’s significance. Juneteenth was declared a federal holiday in the year 2000 to celebrate the emancipation rights of enslaved people, African Americans. If you search for items celebrating Juneteenth from online retailers like Amazon or J.C. Penney, produce everything from pan-African flags on toothpicks to balloons and party plates. Walmart, the largest retailer, apologized in the last month after being criticized by social networks for an Ice cream flavor featuring swirled cheesecake and red velvet under its store name Great Value.

Russia is cutting the export of natural gas to European countries.

PRAGUE (A.P.) PRAGUE (A.P.) Russia has cut its natural gas supply to Europe yet again, as European nations have sought to ease dependency on Russian supplies during the war in Ukraine. Friday is the three days of dramatic reductions in the fuel used to power industry, producing electricity in Europe, and has been a burden on Germany and Austria. This has further pushed up already high energy prices, causing record levels of inflation across Europe. European Union. Russia is advising Slovakia’s gas company, which is controlled by the state, that it will cut its gas supply to Slovakia by 50 percent. Russian gas giant Gazprom also informed Italian gas firm Eni that it would provide only 50 percent of the gas needed for Friday. France does not receive the natural gas it needs from Russia.

The court is against the Trump-era EPA finding that weed killers are safe.

WASHINGTON (A.P.) (A.P.) A federal appeals court has ruled against the Trump administration’s decision that one of the ingredients in the weedkiller Roundup is no health risk and is “not likely” to cause human cancer. On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to reexamine its decision in 2020 that glyphosate didn’t pose a health risk to people. Glyphosate is a critical ingredient in Roundup, the most commonly utilized herbicide in the world. The company that produced it, Monsanto, was bought in 2018 by the pharmaceutical giant Bayer and is now facing hundreds of complaints from those who believe that exposure to Roundup was the cause of cancer in their bodies.

Flights are canceled across the U.S. as the summer gets hotter.

It’s looking like another tough day for travelers on airline flights across the United States. Airlines had canceled nearly 1,100 flights the afternoon of Friday while they tried to get back on track after storms devastated the eastern and central regions of the nation. This follows over 1,700 flights that were canceled on Thursday. All this happens while increasing the amount of travelers increases as summer approaches. Vacation time. The Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, met with CEOs of airlines to discuss steps airlines have taken to ensure they operate without a hitch throughout the summer.

The companies weigh in on the proposed SEC regulation on climate change disclosure.

WASHINGTON (A.P.) (A.P.) The Securities and Exchange Commission is getting closer to the final rule that will drastically alter the information that public companies must disclose about climate change risks to their business. The public comment period on the government was closed on Friday. Auditors, business trade associations, legislators, individuals, and other individuals submitted more than 10,000 responses. The opinions ranged from doubt regarding the SEC’s power to regulate greenhouse emissions data in any way to praise that the nation’s most powerful financial regulator had finally decided on the way to require disclosures about climate change.

Verizon and AT&T delayed some 5G services due to airline concerns.

Verizon and AT&T will not power up certain wireless towers in airports until the summer of next year so that airlines have time to ensure that the new service doesn’t disrupt aircraft. However, the industry of airlines isn’t happy with the agreement. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that the two companies had agreed to delay the deal until July 2023. AT&T claims it will regulate the strength of 5G signals in the vicinity of runways to ensure that airlines can have more time to retrofit their planes. The FAA and airlines warn that 5G signals using the spectrum C-Band could affect devices that determine the height of an aircraft above the ground. Airlines are saying they’re being pressured to replace crucial equipment.

Biden hosts a climate conference amid pressure from the high price of gas.

WASHINGTON (A.P.) –In comparing the oil and gas industries to Big Tobacco, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says that “fossil fuel producers and financiers have humanity by the throat.” However, the president Joe Biden wasn’t quite itching to fight. In the face of rising energy costs and the warming climate impacting the world, in the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, Biden spoke about his efforts to alleviate the burden of high gas prices and promote more sustainable policies on Friday. Guterres rejected the notion of boosting gasoline production and slammed energy companies that rely on fossil fuels during the virtual meeting that featured oil-rich Saudi Arabia, China, Europe, and Egypt. This is the first time Guterres compared the energy sector with tobacco-related interests.

Vince McMahon will step down during a WWE probe into misconduct.

Vince McMahon is stepping down as the CEO and chairman of WWE in an investigation into allegations of misdeeds involving the longtime CEO and the company’s public face. McMahon will continue to supervise WWE’s creative content throughout this investigation, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. announced Friday. McMahon’s daughter Stephanie will be the interim CEO and chairperson. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the company’s board of directors was examining the $3 million settlement McMahon offered to a former woman employee with whom he engaged in a romantic relationship.

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