One of the most significant and major changes in the field of SEO is soon going to be released. The new changes are being implemented by Google to its search engine ranking algorithm. This article discusses all the necessary information about Google’s new helpful content update.

Google notifies about Helpful Content Update

Known as the “helpful content update,” Google is ready to roll out a major improvement to its search algorithm.

Websites with a disproportionate quantity of information that is neither gratifying nor useful, and which has been written more for search engines than us as humans, will be penalised by the Helpful Content Update.

Google informed Search Engine Land that this upcoming upgrade will significantly alter the search results when it finally rolls out.

Understand about the Google’s new Helpful Content Update

Google’s new helpful content update focuses on the quality content that helps the users rather than search engines. For many people, SEO was meant to be generating content that search engines can easily find, read, understand and rank.

However, this new update will change everything. As now Google will be focusing on whether the content that you generate provides a value to the user or not.

If it doesn’t provide any value to the user and is still ranking on higher pages then it will be penalised.

Thus, users who spend more time on your website, learn something and find your content valuable for them will be a major boost for your website.

Impact of the New Update: Helpful Content Update

  • Google has said that it won’t impact any specific niche. However, the most significant changes might seem to sites will be from the niche:
  • Online educational materials.
  • Arts and entertainment.
  • Shopping.
  • Tech-related.

It is no wonder why. The answer is simple, these niches are written more specifically for search engines and not human audiences.

Important thing to remember for Helpful Content Update

If Google thinks your site regularly pumps out low-quality content that was only created to boost your search engine rankings, the entire site will suffer the consequences. This means that Google’s helpful content update won’t only harm your only page but an entire site.

Therefore, it’s best to remove the unuseful and invaluable content as soon as possible.

Also, it would take months to recover from this kind of penalization.

When will Google’s Helpful Content Update be launched?

The Google Helpful Content Update will be rolled out in the upcoming 2-3 weeks. It is launched initially for English Language, and targeting only google search. Afterwards, it may have an impact on other languages as well as Google Products.


SEO professionals will see Google’s Helpful Content Update as a major upgrade on how google content ranks in the coming future. Those businesses who wish to maintain their rankings and not lose their positions must remove unnecessary and invaluable content without wasting any time.

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