A massive update for SEO experts and business as Google will be releasing the August 2022 product reviews update in coming weeks. Along with the informative content update, Google also revealed that it will be launching a new product reviews update in the near future. This update would be known as the August 2022 product reviews update. Let’s understand the notification about google in detail.

Google’s Announcement on Product Review Update in Algorithm

In order to “make it even simpler to obtain high-quality, unique reviews,” Google has announced that they would be releasing a new upgrade “in the coming weeks.” According to Google, this is yet another adjustment to their ranking algorithm for product evaluations, with the stated goal of helping users “discover the most valuable information while exploring a product on the web.”

What is the purpose of the latest Google Product Reviews Update?

The purpose of the latest Google product reviews tweak is to highlight material that goes beyond generic ratings. Google has announced that it will prioritise such product ratings in its search engine rankings.

It means google isn’t actively penalising sites with low-quality product evaluations that feature “thin material that just summarises a handful of things.”

To the contrary, if you produce such material and then see your rankings drop because other content is promoted above yours, you would undoubtedly view this as a punishment.

However, Google maintains that this is not a punishment for the quality of your writing; rather, it is a result of the search engine favouring sites with more in-depth review information.

From a purely technical standpoint, this change should only affect reviews of products and not other material. Thus, your products and services might need to get in-depth reviews describing all about it in order to rank higher.

Impact of Latest Google Product Reviews Update

While Google has said that “English-language product reviews” will be the focus of the first deployment, they have also stated that “creators of product reviews in any language” may be affected in the future. The search giant said it “plans to offer up product review support for new languages” in the near future because of the “good effects” this upgrade has had in the past. This update might not be as important as core update but it’s impact is no less than a core update.


The latest and 5th coming update from google will impact the sites having products and product reviews. For those having highly valuable content in the form of product reviews will benefit them in increasing the rankings.

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