Recently, Google rolled out an update in the Google Search Console testing, as a new announcement bar at the top of its interface. According to google search console news, the new announcement bar consists of three-level of an announcement. According to the urgency of information. Now with the help of this tool google seems to communicate issues related to google search directly with the site owner.

Let’s dive into the blog to know more about the Google search console and the new announcement bar in the google search console.

What is Google Search Console Testing Announcement Bar?

Google is testing a new announcement bar which is going to show at the top of the google search console interface. It consists of major three types of announcement bars, which is segregated into three types namely – 

  • Informational announcement 
  • Minor issue announcement
  • Major issue announcement. 

The bar does not yet seem to function properly. Above all, the above given three announcements will inform the site owner about any issues related to google search.

What is a google search console?

Google search console is a free google tool for all webmasters or website owners. The role of a webmaster is dynamic. A search console can provide information about ranking keywords. For eg – what query people are searching, check how users are interacting with your site. How many clicks and impressions you are getting on your website.

What is the need for a Google Search Console testing tool?

The main purpose of this new testing tool announcement bar is that google seems to use this to communicate issues with a google search, directly to site owners.

We hope we have covered all the related information about an announcement bar. In conclusion, you have any queries, then shoot your questions into the comment box.

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