On December 28, 2021, google update the rich result report error for product structure data in the google search console. The rich result is rich snippets that enhance your website content shown on SERP(search engine result page). Forex -images, videos, text. 

Google informs that users are going to see a change in the number of issues, errors, and warnings. According to the new update, Search Console has changed its way to evaluates and reports errors earlier in Product structured data.

Let’s dive into the update to know more about it. 

What are Rich Results?

Rich snippets also known as rich cards. Rich cards shows type of organic search result with enhanced information, with extra visual or interactive features. It showed alongside the URL, title, and description on SERP. It helps users to understand a page’s purpose.

For eg – If a user shoots their query on a google search engine. Google algorithms show the actual, and relevant information, in the form of images, text, videos on the top of SERP.

What is a rich result report error?

The update in google rich result report error update informs the users that from now onwards google search console changed the way it evaluates and reports errors in product structured data.

Here are some foremost points which clarify rich report errors in a better way.

  • Google will easily categories an error and reduce the time to resolve an error.
  • Google search console allows you to fix the problem with less time tracking it down and investigating an issue.

What is the impact of rich result report errors?

The impact of rich result report error states that google will show the product entity in a new form. Moreover, there is a slight change in the issues reported for your property. 

Users also going to see a change in the severity of some issues from errors to warnings. The second major change is on product rich result report in google search console. It is a complete change from google’s end. 

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