In November, Google fixes user and permissions issues with Search Console. Google search console users have confronted a notice in the help forum section that there was an issue in the google search console’s user interface. As in the setting ownership verification section, Search consoles show “full users” as “delegated owners”.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about Google fixes user and permissions.

What’s the Google Fixes User and Permissions issue?

When google search console users, went to the ownership verification section. They would see their status as “delegated users”. As a result, users were unable to see the “users and permission” option in their accounts. 

In simple terms, users have not “delegated” users, instead, they are full users. But the search console didn’t show the right information.

User and Permissions Issue Resolved

Now, the google search console issue had been fixed. Now onwards, those users who have permission to add or remove users, will be seen as verified owners, and vice-versa.

How to Delegate Ownership in Search Console

To delegate ownership, directly go into the user management settings in the search console. Hence, set the user permission to “owner“. Instead of non-verified owners, they can manage users and permissions.

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