Google Ad word is a wide diligent paid advertising platform for all types of advertisers. But, recently when search marketers enter exact match keywords they may see an alert namely “broad match keywords are on” as a google ads error at the bottom of the google ad words interface.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about Google ads errors.

What is Google Ads Error?

While entering exact match keywords, the search marketers were facing an error. States that keywords are saved in the form of a broad match, which is an error message, which Google is trying to resolve.

Is There any Impact on Traffic?

The message is an error. Hence, there is no such impact on ranking to which these keywords match, or how the keywords are saved. 

What is the Concern Regarding an Error Message?

The message tells advertisers, precisely what search marketers don’t want to see while using exact match keywords. On the other hand, such an error message can be frustrating. Thus, creates confusion that whether the platform functioning wisely or not.

Although the capability to keep exact match keywords remains intact. Despite the confusing alert. Google is working on a fix.

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